Beauty products that won’t break your bank

Beauty products that won’t break your bank

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On June 7, 2014

I’m always exposed to new and high end beauty products, some are amazing and worth every penny and others not so much. Bargains have always excited me though, the thrill of buying a product that doesn’t cost an arm and leg but still does a great job, I  actually live for that people!

I’m not one of those “have to own all brand name stuff” gals.  Nothing against high end, I actually enjoy the high end products that I’ve chosen to be part of my daily routine however what happens when you no longer can afford the high end?  Exactly!  High-lo baby that’s my motto!  I’m always researching and looking for affordable brands that will do a great job and not send me crying to the poor house. I’ll try to write about products as much and as often I can and will start with some great finds that are amazing in their quality and price.


E.L.F Eyelid primer

This product is UH-mazing!  I was browsing the cosmetics aisles at target and spotted this brand where everything costs from $1 to $3, yes that’s right! I was super skeptical but  for $1 I thought ” why not?”   This product is not as thick in consistency  like other primers, it  has a light weight  feel and goes on sheer.    The application is simple:  dot some of the product on your lid and spread with your finger tip , wait 30 secs and voila: it’s dry and ready for shadow application.  My shadow stays the whole day, no creasing or smudging.   This primer should receive an award of some sort,  It’s that fab!


Aussie  3 minute miracle deep conditioner

My hair is fine in texture but it’s curly and prone to frizz and because of that  I have always been an advocate for deep conditioning treatments.  My creams du jour have always been from Kerastase . Even though I’m obsessed with this brand and try to always have a jar in my bathroom cabinet ,  it’s almost like “what if they don’t have anymore to sell tomorrow?!”.  Hair cream survivalist,  how cray is that?   To counteract the addiction I’ve decided to find something that  would do the trick for less and actually found it.  This little gem gets my hair hydrated and feeling super soft even when I use it like a regular conditioner.  So if you have hair  that’s frizz prone, dry, over worked give this a try, you won’t regret.


Yes to carrots daily facial moisturizer with spf 15

This lovely day time moisturizer will provide hydration for those with normal to dry skin and  full protection from UVB and  extremely harmful UVA rays thanks  to its  active ingredient: zinc oxide. This is a light weight,  non sticky formula chock full of antioxidants.  I love the fact that it is Petroleum and paraben free  and close to 98%natural.  If your skin is normal to dry, this is definitely a product that you should consider for your skin care routine.

Why don’t you tell us about your ‘won’t break the bank’ beauty products.  Remember, sharing is caring girls : )



  1. Jacque

    I second e.l.f.’s eyelid primer. I also like the eyeshadow kits and a highlighter-type product they have. The price, of course, is perfect! They also have a mix your own mineral foundation–you purchase based on if you’re ‘light’, ‘fair’, ‘medium’, and there are four different powders that you can use to blend to get a more customized foundtion.

    My current go-to makeup remover: 100% coconut oil. It removes the most stubborn of waterproof makeup, moisturizes my skin, and doesn’t make my skin feel super oily like other makeup removers do. I order a tub of it from Amazon for less than $7.

    Baking soda and water for a once-week exfoliator. A store brand box of baking soda is, like, 55-cents. I also use egg yolk for a great Vitamin A-rich mask. One egg is cheaper than a retinol product. 🙂

    1. Simone

      Thank you for the fab tips Jacque! I’m sooo trying the coconut oil and the egg yolk ones. I’ve done the baking soda several times in the past, it works really well.
      Simone : )

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