Airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup

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On January 12, 2014

Airbrush is all the rage right now. Everybody wants it but not everyone knows why they do or what’s so special about this makeup application technique. On this post you’ll find out the main reasons I love this application so much and am adamant about my brides having it done. Airbrush rocks!




My clients need to look impeccable from the walk down the aisle through the end of their night and airbrush guarantees that. No touch up worries, I tell them to pick some blotting paper and choose the lipstick they’ll want to wear for the day and that’s all they’ll need. A professional airbrush application will last anywhere form 8 to 12 hrs.


Amazing coverage, sheer texture

Airbrush covers a multitude of sins without looking heavy or caked on. That’s possible because the makeup is applied in micro fine layers almost invisible to the eye. The texture is extremely sheer and comfortable. ¬†Great for those with problematic acne.


The most flawless finish and 100% match

How many times have you had your makeup done just to realize that you looked a little too pale or kinda orange? Yeah I know, a lot of women have a problem or are afraid of foundation, that’s because they’ve had a traumatic experience in the past with a bad match or looking like they had a mask on. We all wear foundation because we need it not because we want to. Foundation is supposed to even out our skin and give the impression of flawless skin. The goal is to get people to believe that you have beautiful skin not beautifully applied makeup. Airbrush can be easily custom blended for the most accurate skin tone match. It conceals skin imperfections with minimal amount of product.


Photographs beautifully

No explanation required here : )

So these are my 2 cents about airbrush makeup. What about yours? Have you had your makeup airbrushed before? How did you like it? Do you have any other questions about the subject?

Photo: Brian fox