How to avoid stress on your wedding day – the secrets to a fun and relaxing morning 

How to avoid stress on your wedding day – the secrets to a fun and relaxing morning 

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On March 19, 2024

Dear bride to be, did you know that the key to ensure you’ll have an amazing wedding day starts at the hair and makeup prep?

The hair and makeup team are the first vendors you will see on your wedding day. The glam team is the first to arrive and the first to leave therefore they set the pace of how your day will unfold.  30 min delay in hair and makeup completion will mean everything will run 30 mins behind!

Makeover Station bride 2024 - Amanda

I’m pretty sure that the last thing you want is to feel stressed or rushed on your wedding day, am I right? Exactly, I thought so!
Ok  so here are a few valuable recommendations from a pro who specializes in hair and makeup for weddings and has done so for 20 years.


1. Getting ready space:

Have a good getting ready area. It should be spacious as you’ll have your bridal party, the beauty team and at some point  photographer and videographer sharing the same space.

You will need a place that will fit all these people comfortably.

Booking an Airbnb is a much better option  than a hotel room unless you are booking a spacious suite at a hotel. The hair and makeup team will need a simple set up: Tables and /or counter surfaces where they will place their equipment, power outlets to connect their hot tools and chairs for you and your party to sit on and have services performed. Natural light is an absolutely must for the getting ready space.

Makeover Station bride 2024 - Amanda


2. Prep Guidelines:

Follow  the guidelines  received from your artist on how to prepare to receive beauty services, common directions are:

✅ Your hair should be 100% clean & dry for styling and free of ties.

✅ Steam dresses prior to hair styling.

✅ Groom brows in advance.

✅ Your face moisturized and free of makeup, specially heavy mascaras from the night before.

✅ Assign the people that will be the first to receive hair and makeup services beforehand.

These steps will ensure your artists will be able to start working with you and the party right at the scheduled start time avoiding unnecessary delays.

Makeover Station bride 2024 - Amanda


3. Service schedule:

As the bride,  don’t be the last one to have your hair and makeup done.  The  day should be well paced giving you the opportunity to enjoy  family and bridal party company.

Bridal services should be  completed 1 hour prior to everybody else’s, giving bride  some room  to breathe and relax before go time.

DO NOTcreate a set schedule as they only add unnecessary stress to the morning. Your makeup/hair artist will tell you the service start time and  how many people  you should assign to receive services at that time.

Your beauty team should  be in charge of creating a service timeline  where they’ll have all services done efficiently and finished  by the contracted service completion time.

Experienced hair and makeup teams must have start and ready by time stated in your contract.

Makeover Station bride 2024 - Amanda

Makeover Station bride 2024 - Amanda
Contrary to popular belief, wedding days should not be stressful, they should actually be the easiest of the days.  You’ve hired the best possible vendor team and every detail has been planned.   All you and your party have to do is to get pampered, relax and look absolutely beautiful.

Questions about your wedding day beauty? Reach out and we will be happy to assist !

Happy planning darling!



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