How to choose your wedding day hair & makeup artist  in Orlando, FL 

How to choose your wedding day hair & makeup artist in Orlando, FL 

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On March 12, 2024

You’ve got engaged! Congratulations darling! Now, you’ll have a year to plan the big day and a lot of fun stuff to do, see and choose.

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Choosing your wedding day hair and makeup look will be fun however choosing the team/professional who will be in charge of it should be a task you take seriously because not only your face and hair will be the most looked at during the event but they will be in every picture, video, social media content created for the occasion. 

So girlfriend read this carefully cause I will  tell you exactly what to do to nail your choice for your glam team.


Referrals, Research and Reviews

Back in the day wedding referrals were everything and artists would only work with brides if they were referred by fellow wedding vendors and former clients.

Nowadays referrals still play a part however the way brides choose their vendors changed a lot due to social media, search engines etc. Once you find a company whose work you like make sure to read their reviews and look for indicators that will answer the following questions:

✔️ Are they responsible, reliable and will show up on your wedding day?

✔️ Do they have enough experience to create a beauty service timeline that will not run you late? After 20 years of doing weddings my team still gets  thanked by photographers for having the bride ready on time.  So no,  that’s not a given.

Words to look for on reviews: On time, efficient, prompt, accommodating, great experience, lasting hair and makeup, professionalism, friendliness.

My recommendation is that after doing the research inquire only with the companies  that hit the most boxes in the  aesthetics and review categories.

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Make sure the artist’s work aligns with the aesthetic you want

If you are considering a full glam makeup and a very intricate hair style don’t inquire with a beauty company / professional who doesn’t have that displayed on their portfolios.

The same applies if you are considering a soft & natural, enhancing not transformative makeup approach to your wedding day beauty,  do not  inquire with an artist/beauty company  that only features full glam looks in their portfolio.

If you don’t see what you want in their digital platforms chances are they either don’t specialize in the look you are wanting or just don’t provide such aesthetic in their line of work.
Don’t assume that all hair / makeup artists are the same, each artist has their own aesthetic and preferred type of work they like to do and specialize in.

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Clarity about booking process & policies

The artist/beauty company that you are considering should give you as much information as needed for you to make an educated booking decision such as up front pricing, staffing, timelines etc. Seasoned artists/teams will provide you with all the answers in a clear and straight forward way because they have done hundreds of weddings providing them the expertise needed to service yours.

Never feel uncomfortable about asking questions, your vendor team should be able to answer your questions at ease, without any problems and in a timely manner,  just remember the weekends are typically busy with events and a lot of vendors take Mondays off to recover so expect your emails to be answered from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

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Taking these points in consideration will increase your chances of booking an amazing beauty professional/team to be in charge of your beauty in one of the most important days of your life.  If you are looking for a beauty team in Central Florida that specializes in natural & enhancing makeup and beautiful hair, we are the team for you!

Preview our work on Instagram and reviews and please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask any questions you might have about your wedding day beauty.

All the best & Happy planning!




Photography: Kartsie Photography
Venue: The Breakers Palm Beach
Hair and makeup: Makeover Station