At home beauty hacks

At home beauty hacks

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On April 8, 2020

If you have missed a couple of your favorite beauty appointments due to the Covid- 19 pandemic and are wondering what to do about your pesky grays and chipped manicure, I beg you not to make any rash decisions.

Read on for tips on some temporary at home beauty hacks that will relax you and get you through these tough times. Coloring or cutting your hair at home will only result in costly future “fixing the mistakes” appointments at the hair salon.


1. My gray roots are starting to show, Haaalp!

First things first : Step away from the computer and do not order box color from Amazon! Yes, there I said it!

Permanent color from a box is chock full of metallic salts. This particular ingredient build up will cause color to darken past the desired result and will transform your so dreamed about hair color appointment with your regular hair dresser into an ugly nightmare called color correction. Color correction appointments can go from 6 to 12 hrs sometimes even longer and typically start at a minimum of $100/hr so that $10 box color application can and will cost you upwards of $1000+ later on.

All of sudden box color became not such a good idea right? You are welcome!

What’s the solution?

You should add temporary color sprays to your shopping cart or try my preferred method of minimizing the appearance of grays which is the use of an eyeshadow that is close to your hair color. Just use a makeup brush and eyeshadow and voila , grays out of sight. Your hairdresser will love you and your bank account will thank you.

Color spray suggestion: Loreal Professionnel hair touch up root concealer


2. I’m thinking about cutting my bangs

Nooooooooo! Go eat some ice cream if you are stressed out or bored!

We all have seeing those great youtube videos where the “super easy” haircut tutorials turn into people crying their eyeballs out.
Leave haircutting to the professionals, hairdressers must get between 1200 to 1600 hours of education, pass board exams to finally get licensed to be able to cut hair. What makes you think you can do it too?

What’s the solution?

Treat yo hair. Instead of taking those paper scissors to your most valued accessory, you never take your hair off girl, think about it.

Do a deep conditioning treatment with either a store bought product or a home made one, the choice is yours. Apply it to your hair , cover with a shower cap for heat conduction and distribution anywhere from 10 to 20 mins. Your hair will be hydrated and in great shape for your next color appointment.

DIY hydrating hair mask :

2 scoops of coconut oil or almond oil
2 tsp of raw honey

Hydrating mask suggestions: Kerastase Nutritive mask for fine hair


3. What to do with these chipped nails?!!

Fake till you make it girl !
I’m not talking about false nails and glue, this pair can also turn into a nightmare but the new and improved version of the false nails , the press on nails.
The application couldn’t be simpler: Remove oils from your nails with polish remover, peel off the the tab from the back of the nail and press it on.
Your hands will look groomed and polished in 10 mins or less. With proper care these nails will last up to 1 week and removal is also a breeze.

Press on nail suggestion: Impress nails

I know we will be able to get through this and pretty soon we will be able to go back to our salons for our beauty appointments. One thing I know for sure we will never again take our hairdressers for granted, they are without a doubt essential workers as well.

Much love,